Fifty-nine years ago today (March 31, 1958) . . .

Below is an image of a portion of the art for the Rusty Riley daily strip for March 31, 1958 — fifty-nine years ago today. The Rusty Riley strip stopped in late 1959, so this is relatively late in the series.

The images of Rusty and Patty, to the right, are beautifully done, but the three-quarter view of Quentin Miles (at far left) is what really draws attention here. Quentin Miles is Patty’s father. Overall, the image is close to 5 3/8 inches in height.Godwin 3 21 17 2 copy cropped

Below is a detail of the portrait of Quentin.

Godwin 3 21 17 7

Next, moving in closer.

Godwin 3 21 17 7 copya

The following segment of the image is about 1.5 inches high.  Note that Godwin has crammed an incredible amount of detail into this. Not only that, the intent is conveyed by the amalgamation of many different lines, including a wide variety of widths and shapes. There are different angles and different curvatures. There are a variety of densities, from black to dark gray.  I suppose this all says that one may sometimes learn a lot more from the original art than one can from a tiny printed version. (But I think I do not have the King Features printed version, but I seem to recall possessing it in an Australia comic book.) Presumably, some of the image is brushwork, and some pen-work.

Godwin 3 21 17 7 copy 2a

—Tom Sawyer

March 31, 2017

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2 Responses to Fifty-nine years ago today (March 31, 1958) . . .

  1. Elizabeth Rizzo says:

    Tom, as always, I am amazed to your attention to detail! Love your blog!

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