Re “The Little Lame Prince”

In an earlier post, I discussed (a little) the fact that Frank Godwin produced  “cover-labels” for several rather small books in David McKay’s series of books known as “McKay’s Young People’s Classics.” (The cover-labels are the paper labels pasted to the fronts of many books back in the “olden days.”) I believe that Godwin produced illustrations for eight or nine (or so) of the covers in that series.

This is apart from several larger books published by McKay that also had cover labels by Godwin.  These larger works included Robin Hood, The Black Arrow, and The Blue Fairy Book. A version of The Black Arrow published in England had a different cover-label by Godwin. The cover-labels of the books mentioned in this paragraph were based on illustrations also found inside the book. I have copies of all of these as well.

Of course, cover-labels by Godwin also appeared on still other books.  Offhand, I think all such others were published by Winston.

In my collection, I think I have eight or so different examples of “McKay’s Young People’s Classics” with Godwin covers.

In another post, I discussed the cover for The Arabian Nights, from the same series, which was quite lovely.  The one for The Little Lame Prince is simpler and not really as attractive as the one for The Arabian Nights and certain others in the series.  (Still pretty attractive though!)


Obviously the above is only a portion of the image–probably about half of the image, since I cropped off a lot of the top and bottom (but not all that much of the sides).

—Tom Sawyer

January 18, 2017

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