Happy New Year from “Connie,” 76 years ago–but not Frank Godwin’s Connie!

Below is shown the Connie bottom-strip for the Sunday episode for December 29, 1940. If you are somewhat familiar with Frank Godwin’s principal styles of Connie art, it is unlikely that you will think that this portrayal of Connie was actually drawn by Frank Godwin.


It is not at all badly drawn, but (for instance) the haziness of Connie’s far shoulder is very uncharacteristic of Godwin. And her hair is somewhat “off” from Godwin’s style.

In another segment of that Connie page, shown below, it is easily seen that the lettering is nothing like that of Godwin’s attractive style.  Likewise, it can be seen that the execution of the drawing is quite well done, and it even seems to have been executed in a Godwin-esque style of art, but it is different enough from Godwin’s typical work that one can say that Godwin did not draw it. I could not swear that Godwin did not do the pencils, but there is no real reason to suppose that he did. The foregoing comments also apply to the small portion of the story itself shown above.


The complex layout of the panels (or quasi-panels) is also rather Godwin-esque.

Additionally, as I noted in a different post, Godwin’s name does not appear in the logo (not completely shown above).

Nonetheless, the art is quite nice.   The clouds are very Godwin-like, as is the composition.  But Connie herself does not look much like a Godwin rendering, and the speech balloons are not Godwin-esque.

This line of dialog, spoken by Connie, seems quite strange to me: “WHILE YOU’RE AWAY I’LL GO LOOK AT THE BOATS–JUST FOR EXCITEMENT–TERRIFIC EXCITEMENT ISN’T IT?”

The use of the word “excitement” twice seems odd.

There are many ways that line of Connie’s could be improved.  Something like this might have worked better: “While you two are away, I’m going to take a look at those boats–they look exciting.” But even that seems weird, because, to make the subsequent adventure seem more interesting and unexpected, her real reason should be along the lines of “it’s something to do to kill the time,” or there might have been an indication that something was unusual and worth investigating.

In short: (a) art quite nice but very probably not Godwin; (b) lettering  (including spacing within the balloons) not that great; (c) dialog could probably have been better.

I discussed this episode in some detail in the post found at the following link: LINK.  Also, in the post found at this link: LINK.

–Tom Sawyer

January 12, 2017

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