76 Years Ago Today — December 22, 1940 — A Merry Christmas Wish from a “non-Frank Godwin” Connie — and from Tom!

Merry Christmas!

Below is an image of an extract from the December 22, 1940, Sunday episode of Connie.  Mainly shown is a large chunk of the “bottom strip,” which when present normally featured The Wet Blanket or Wonder-Land.

So, that was 76 years ago today! Weird, how long ago that was.

This is from the Boston Sunday Post, which normally ran the Connie Sunday strip (and bottom strip) in color, but not the last few episodes.

You can see the 12-22 date in the lower-left corner of the actual Connie strip.

In is quite certain that Godwin had little if anything to do with this particular episode (though he may have pencilled it). Even from the very bottom that I show here, it is obvious that the inking was of a “scribble” nature that is quite unlike Godwin’s inking.

It is also obvious that the picture of Connie in the bottom strip was not drawn by Godwin. Her hair is rendered rather crudely, and the shading is very non-Godwin.  A “Connie” logo does appear after the “Merry Christmas.”


This was the final episode of this story, but there were at least two Connie Sundays that appeared after this. (The daily continued well into 1941. As I recall, this is shown by the strips cataloged on the Ohio State University comic-strip website.)

—Tom Sawyer

December 22, 2016

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