Frank Godwin and “Uncle Henry” . . .

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

One of the features of Collier’s during a period of many years was the series of “Uncle Henry” articles. I don’t know whether the authorship of the articles has ever been established, although Irvin S. Cobb wrote an introduction to a book which included a number of the pieces.

Following is a somewhat cropped image of the front cover of the June 10, 1922, issue of Colliers. The basic image by Frank Godwin of Uncle Henry (with variations) was used in a number of contexts. For instance, it appeared on the dust jacket of at least version of the book mentioned above, and also on the actual cover (stamped in black), and also as the frontispiece.


—Tom Sawyer

November 24, 2016

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2 Responses to Frank Godwin and “Uncle Henry” . . .

  1. Hi, sorry to comment here but couldn’t find any contact info on the blog. Thought you’d enjoy this Godwin illustration shown in a 1916 advertising booklet:

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