Comments on the Frank Godwin aviation print pictured on Liz Rizzo’s “Frank Godwin, Artist” Facebook page . . .

On November 1, 2016, Liz Rizzo posted (on her Facebook page) a few images of a Frank Godwin aviation print submitted by a reader. Basically, it is a World War I aviation scene.

I thought I would post a few comments here. It might provide added reason for people to visit this blog!

I have an example of the print in my collection, and it has white margins. I purchased it on eBay many years ago. I think I have seen two or so other examples on eBay over the years.

The print was issued by Collier’s magazine back in 1928.

Originally, the image was used as an illustration for a short-story by Laurie York Erskine, entitled “Pryde’s Fall.” The story appeared in the July 21, 1928, issue of Collier’s. (According to Wikipedia, Erskine served in France in the Royal Flying Corps starting in 1916.)

At the end of the story was a note stating that the print would be sent “on receipt of 4 cents in stamps.”

The illustration appeared on pages 26 and 27 of that issue.  The story started on page  24, and it included one other Godwin illustration as well.

The first illustration shows Captain Pryde (on the left) with an officer who was transferring out of Pryde’s unit. Pryde was a “go getter,” but since the war was near its end, some people just wanted to chill till the war was over.


The color illustration shows Pryde’s airplane on the ground.  He climbed out of it,. and then a German plane appeared to be attacking him. He fell to the ground (dodging bullets). The German plane (red, at the right) crashed.


People thought Pryde was dead, and after that they went all “gung ho” (instead of just waiting for the war to end).

The war ended shortly after, with everyone being thrilled when the learned that Pryde had survived.

The following shows part of both versions.  The “print” is on the right–you can see the margins.  Notice that the coloration is somewhat different from that of the magazine version. I suppose that one could say the print is a bit more nuanced.


—Tom Sawyer

November 16, 2016

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4 Responses to Comments on the Frank Godwin aviation print pictured on Liz Rizzo’s “Frank Godwin, Artist” Facebook page . . .

  1. Elizabeth Rizzo says:

    Tom, I just saw this. I am beyond impressed as always with your knowledge! Thanks so much!!

  2. Liz, thank you, that is very kind of you! –Tom

  3. Roy Beard says:

    Hello Tom, I’m the owner of the WWI print that you commented on and answered the mystery around it. Thank you so much for your knowledge and history of the WWI print. Thanks, Roy

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