I can hardly believe it! I found the Frank Godwin letter!

This post (now somewhat edited) was written in 2014.  Not sure why I did not post it then!

I am referring to a letter written by Frank Godwin, of which the late Gordon Campbell sent me a copy. It was a letter from Godwin to Campbell, who had written to Godwin.

Actually, I found the letter about ten months ago.  True, I have misplaced it again, but I did find it. And I imagine that I put it in an “obvious” place this time.

I am really fascinated by the existence of such “personal” things relating to Frank Godwin.

Oh, and as indicate above, it is not the actual letter itself — it’s a photocopy of a letter, which the late Gordon Campbell sent me back in 1998.  No, it had not been lost for 16 years.  But it had been lost for about 7 years.

I have a couple of original handwritten Frank Godwin letters or the like in my collection, which I like quite a bit.  But Gordon’s letter was earlier than mine.

The copy Gordon sent me was of a typed and signed letter —  it is quite interesting.  The envelope (Gordon sent a copy of that as well) was postmarked ENE 18 1939 — meaning January 18, 1939. So, it was beginning to be toward the end of the Connie strip, which probably concluded about two years later.

Godwin told Gordon that he couldn’t send him a strip (presumably Connie), because he didn’t receive them back (from the syndicate).  He more or less suggested that Gordon write to Douglas Borgstedt at the Ledger Syndicate.

I guess the foregoing is actually “inside baseball” information about Godwin’s strips.  But I’m sure some of you think it’s fascinating.  (I do!)

—Tom Sawyer

September 19, 2014

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