Clues that Frank Godwin did not have much to do with the December 29, 1940, “Connie” Sunday strip . . .

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Frank Godwin seems clearly to have made his exit from the Connie Sunday strip in the latter part of 1940, though presumably his work continued to appear for several weeks after he left. (Undoubtedly he worked a number of weeks “in advance.”)

The latest Connie Sunday strip in my collection is the one for January 5, 1941. The OSU collection listing online reports one for January 19, 1941, so it appears that the Sunday strip lasted at least through that date. It is obvious that Godwin had a diminished role toward the end, though it is not clear when, if ever, he had zero role. In part it depends on when the strip ended. If it ended a few months into 1941, then I would think he had no role toward the end. But as to the December 29, 1940, strip and the January 5, 1941, strip, it is quite possible that he may have created a rough layout or even penciled them.

But let’s consider briefly the December 29, 1940, Sunday strip. Here are some signals that Godwin was not handling the strip by himself, and in fact he possibly had nothing to do with it.

1. His name does not appear in the “title box,” which it normally, or always, did (after that style of title began). (You can compare it to the images shown in the preceding post. There, the box includes “By Frank Godwin.”)

2. The inking is not really Godwin’s normal style, though it is fairly close, and pretty nicely done.

3.  The same applies to the clouds.

4.  Connie’s face does not quite look like the usual Connie. (My scanner did not take in her whole face.)

5.  The lettering is distinctly non-Godwin in style.

6.  The shape of the speech-balloon is not a usual Godwin-style.

Connie 1940 72715 adj 2 in

—Tom Sawyer

August 3, 2015

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