The “Connie” Sunday comic-strip exists in a variety of color schemes . . .

Anyone collecting old Sunday comic-strips learns pretty quickly that the modern norm of full color had frequent exceptions back in the olden days. I have seen Connie Sunday strips in the following different varieties. The “white” color is supplied by the paper itself, meaning that it is usually some kind of “tan”:

Full color (printed with four colors of ink, including black, but usually portraying a wide range of colors)

Black and white

Blue and white

Red, white, and black

Orange, white, and black

Of course, it is possible that other varieties exist. These are the only ones I know of for the Connie Sunday strip.

All of the color schemes mentioned above are rather attractive, but the full-color strips are best overall. To me the black and white ones almost present the illusion of looking at original art, but I realize that I am deceiving myself on that. Ultimately, they are beautiful, but — black and white.

I may get into this a little further in my next post.

—Tom Sawyer

July 31, 2015

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