“Connie” in full color, and “Connie” in black, white, and red . . .

This post continues the discussion of the preceding post.

Overall, one would have to say that it is best when a Connie Sunday strip is in full color. The red-black-white and orange-black-white are nice as well, but they portray the events quite differently than the full-color.

Below are shown portions the strip for Sunday, February 11, 1940. The one on the left is from the Boston Sunday Post. I do not know where the other one first appeared.

One is obviously full color, and the other is red, black, and white.  You can see that a wide range of tones is available, even though only red, black, and white ink were used. The color in the image on the left is probably a little tamer than I would have preferred for this comparison, and unfortunately Connie herself does not appear in these images, but they demonstrate the general idea. I am not certain that I have any sets that are parallel to this one for any other Connie strips during the “adventure” era of the Sunday strip. Those strips in general are quite hard to find.

Connie723157f532am_0005 adj only cropped 70 croppedConniefineenough723 improved cropped only 70cropped

* * * * *

It is interesting to see the manner in which the full-color version “translates” into the more limited palette. Note that some judgment was used as to when the solid red should be used and when it should be rendered in different densities.

—Tom Sawyer

July 31, 2015

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