“Connie”: Second banana?

It is hard to generalize, but I know that on occasion the Connie Sunday strip appeared on the final page of the Public Ledger Sunday comics section. I’ve never seen anything official on this, but it has always seemed reasonable to me that this would be the second most important strip in the section.

Below is an image showing another instance of the Connie Sunday strip on the final page. This example is from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Of particular note here is the fact that, if you did not know better, you might assume that this was the front page of the comics section, based on the title of the newspaper. I have several entire comics sections from that era from that newspaper, and it is plain that Connie was on the last page. The smaller image shows the original pricing information from the same page, which perpetuates the false idea that this was the front page of the comics section.

Connie fine 7 24 15 adj 72

Connie fine 7 24 15_0001 cropped 72

This is a more or less typical segment of a Connie Sunday strip from that era.  This one isn’t exactly a gag strip. It is more of a detective strip. Connie foils a “Santa Claus” who had attempted to purloin some Christmas gifts.

—Tom Sawyer

July 24, 2015

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