A rather different “look” for Connie — 1929 versus 1938 . . .

As is more or less typical of characters in the comic-strip world, Connie did not “look” the same during the entire run of the Connie Sunday strip. This is not at all surprising, in view of the fact that the strip ran for many years (1929–1941). I tend to picture Connie more as the adventurer and time traveller, but early in the Connie Sunday strip she was frequently more of a socialite. Here she is in the third Sunday strip (May 12, 1929). She is more “hairdo” than “derring-do.” She is seemingly a somewhat delicate creature.

In that third episode, she seemed a bit detached from reality, as well. She had purchased a factory, and she worked with some friends to give the factory a woman’s touch.

This was actually a departure from the second Sunday episode, in which Connie was an aviatrix.

Connie third one723_0002 blog

Connie third one723_0002 cropped blog

But what a difference a decade can make! Below is what I would call “adventurer Connie.” This is fairly typical of Connie’s appearance in the time travel stories and other adventure stories. (This is not from a time-travel story. It is from a jungle adventure.) A native has saved Connie from a leopard attack. The image is from the August 28, 1938, episode.

Connie1full72315 cropped blog

—Tom Sawyer

July 23, 2015

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