I only waited 12 years — that’s no big deal — comments on Frank Godwin’s “Paulette” comic strip (“Connie,” in the French language) . . .

(Brief update:  Back on June 29, I said I would be making an exciting announcement in 13 days.  Well, it has now been about 16 days, and I have not made the announcement.  I need to defer that announcement, for perhaps another week or so.)

When I was young, and expected something in the mail, the time passed rather slowly. Now, I could digress here and talk about that, but I want to get to the point reasonably fast.

As I grew older, I grew more patient, or perhaps an ennui set in. I have so many Godwin items (including many duplicates and near-duplicates, of so many things) that unless something I have acquired is really, truly outstanding, I am not very impatient to unwrap it.

Early today I finally opened a package that arrived more than 12 years ago. The postmark shows “2002 12 24,” meaning December 24, 2002. It was shipped from Canada, and the declaration shows $900 (which nowadays is about $700 US). And that is probably about what I paid for the item(s).

What is the item? Well, it is a run of the Paulette strip.  On a quick glance, it looks as though the run is from May 1930 through November 1935. It’s not necessarily a complete run for that period. But I imagine that there are about 250 strips, so if I paid $700 for that many, that would only be less that $3 per strip — probably a pretty good deal.

I have not seen all that many Paulette strips offered for sale, other than  the ones I bought (though the man I bought them from did offer me an additional large batch, and it’s probable that he sold those to someone else).

I’ll start out by saying: When I purchased the items, I knew that I ALREADY owned examples of probably ALL, or very nearly all, of those strips. So that explains why I was able to wait so long! So, I am kidding around when I pretend that I was all that patient. When I first acquired my almost-complete run of the entire Paulette strip, 1930-1941, it really was a big event in my collecting life.

I have been thinking a lot about the Connie Sunday strip lately, and the Paulette strips are a very good version of the Connie Sunday pages. The strips are in French, and they are basically tabloid-size, and the colors are a little on the vivid side. Still, they can make a really good substitute for the Connie Sunday strips. However, since I do not read French, that poses a problem. (But my daughter reads French, so I’m sure she would translate for me if I ask her.) Now that I think about it, though, I suppose that if I were French, or if I were a French-speaking Canadian, or if I were from Belgium — I might actually prefer the Paulette strips. Those are the three principal countries I think of regarding the French language, but I see from Wikipedia that French is the official language in 13 countries, and an official language in 16 others.

I can say this: not all translated Godwin strips are in the same “coolness” category as the Paulette strips.

(I hope to continue this post in the near future.)

—Tom Sawyer

July 15, 2015

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