It’s never a pretty sight when a collector falls asleep at the switch . . .

As I collector, I have fallen asleep at the switch on more than one occasion. I can only think of two times at the moment, but I probably do it a couple of times per year.

The two instances I can think of at the moment both involve Frank Godwin comic strips, and both involve me missing out on eBay auctions.

The first instance was quite a fascinating lot. It involved a batch of daily Rusty Riley comic strips, and the principal point that made these highly unusual is that a lot of them were printed in color. I had never even heard of such a thing before. (Remember, these were daily strips.) Anyway, I had intended to bid on them, but waiting till the last minute didn’t really happen, because I ended up kind of forgetting about them until it was too late.

That was fairly recent.

Even more recent was an auction that ended on March 15. This one, too, was highly interesting. It was a comics section from the Boston Sunday Post, November 24, 1940, which included one of the Connie strips toward the end of the “known run.”

Here is a link: eBay.

The Connie strip shows her back in the time of Abraham Lincoln.  There are nine panels in the Connie strip, and Lincoln is shown in the last panel of the strip.

There is a four-panel Wonder-Land bottom strip, as well.

Definitely a nice item. It looks pretty plainly to have been based on Godwin art.  As I have discussed elsewhere on this blog, some of the most recent Connie Sunday art was not by Godwin, or at least it was not inked by him.

I hate to leech other people’s material, but I am making a little exception in this case. Here is some of the Connie strip under discussion.  It shows a more or less classic “late style” of Connie, with what I consider a late-1930s or early-1940s hairstyle. The strip does not show much action — it’s basically people standing around.  So, its chief interest is in its being very likely an extremely scarce example toward the apparent end of the Sunday strip’s run.

Connie 11 24 40 cropped a

I do have an example of the same Connie strip in French (a Paulette strip published in Canada). It would have been nice to have that eBay example, but I cannot really complain. I already have so much Godwin stuff, I can’t easily keep track of it all.

Oh, and by the way . . . when I really feel that I desperately want something on eBay, and if I intend to bid on it, I never wait till the last minute. I always bid well in advance of the end of the auction.

But in recent years, I have not bought much on eBay at all. I have other collecting interests, in addition to Frank Godwin, and it is hard (or impossible) for me to keep up with all the relevant items on eBay.

—Tom Sawyer

March 30, 2015

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