Comments on bound volumes of the Sunday “Public Ledger,” Philadelphia . . .

Note:  This is a post that I took down many months ago — I believe about 19 months ago, in fact.  I thought I would re-post it now because it explains more about the volumes of the Public Ledger in my possession.  It addresses some of what Thomas Ward brought up in his comment regarding the preceding post.

Many years ago — maybe around a dozen — a company maned Gateway Books, in Hebron, Maryland, auctioned off, on eBay, a large number of bound volumes of old newspapers from the 1920s and 1930s, many of which contained examples of the Connie Sunday strip and other Frank Godwin material.  I was fortunate in being the successful bidder on a number of the lots. Most of the volumes I won were for the Sunday Public Ledger.

I still have five of the bound volumes for the Sunday Public Ledger.  (I believe I had a sixth one as well, from which I extracted the material I was interested in.)  [9-1-14 note:  Actually, that sixth volume might have been a bound volume of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle from the 1930s.]  The five bound volumes I have are:

October-December 1925

January-March 1926

October-December 1929

October-December 1930

April-June 1931

These are not the type of thing I look at every day.  I have kept a couple of them in the packaging I received them in (for more protection than they would otherwise have), and I just noticed that the shipping label on one of them shows a shipping weight of 52 pounds!

I have not opened any of them up for purposes of this post, so the information above (and following) is based on information I have written down earlier, and on memory.

The 1925 and 1926 volume have Vignettes of Life, and probably a fair number of covers that Godwin produced for the Sunday magazine section.  Vignettes of Life is well-known as a syndicated feature, and it appears that the covers of the magazine sections (and maybe other components, or possibly the whole magazine) were also syndicated.

The 1929, 1930, and 1931 volumes have Connie, and various covers by Godwin.  Since each bound volume has thirteen or so Sunday newspapers, the volumes have a total of (say) thirty-nine Connie Sunday strips. Life being what it is, I think that at least one of the comics sections is missing — not necessarily removed, but possibly omitted in the binding process.

It has been a while since I have looked at any of the foregoing.  The newspapers, for the most part, redefine “fragile,” and it is in essence impossible for me to look at them without causing damage — possibly not a lot of damage in any one viewing,  But any regular viewing would leave them a complete shambles.  The comics sections themselves are pretty well preserved, in part because they are smaller than the main part of the newspapers, and most of the severest damage to the papers appears to have taken place at the outside edges of the newspapers.

—Tom Sawyer

February 19, 2012

Revised March 2, 2012

Re-posted September 1, 2014


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