Frank Godwin and “The Farm Journal” . . .

Frank Godwin created at least two covers for The Farm Journal.  I seem to recall seeing at least one other one as well, but I could not locate such a thing just now.  The only one I have in my collection is the cover of the magazine for October 1919 — just the magazine, not the original art.  It portrays two boys, possibly vying for the affections of a girl who is also shown.

Farm Journal Oct 1919

The caption on the cover is “Country versus City Brawn,” and even the dog seems to see the humor in the city slicker trying to display his axe-wielding capabilities.

The 1919 date makes this a fairly early illustration by Godwin (who was 30 or so when he painted it), but his skill is evident, and certain components of this illustration were manifest in many of Godwin’s drawings in later years.  Examples would include his close attention to folds in clothing, as well as the three-dimensional effect achieved by (in this case) the exploitation of atmospheric perspective (with the trees in the background somewhat washed-out).

—Tom Sawyer

April 28, 2014


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