Probably one of the final “Connie” Sunday episodes: December 29, 1940 — and it was NOT by Frank Godwin!

Below is a portion of the December 29, 1940, Connie comic strip, and if you are an aficionado of the Connie Sundays, you will immediately recognize that it is from very, very late in the run of the Sunday strip.  In fact, I only know for certain of one later —  the one for January 5, 1941.  And I am reasonably certain that Ohio State University has one for January 19, 1941.  (Unfortunately, the catalog is not error free.)

So, the strip definitely appeared on January 5, 1941.  And if it did appear on January 19, 1941, it is reasonably certain that it appeared on the intervening Sunday — January 12.  Whether it appeared after January 19, though, is very uncertain.  It may have, or it may not have.  As far as I know, no one has ever come forth with an example of the Sunday strip from after January 19, 1941.  (Of course, many Connie Sundays have been reprinted after that.)

It appears that Godwin had largely, if not completely, departed from the strip as of the December 22, 1940, strip.  I have seen the Paulette strip that corresponds to that strip, so it did appear (at least, in a French translation in Canada).

However, as you can see even from the small example below, the work is not completely unlike Frank Godwin’s.  And, actually, the composition is pretty Godwin-esque, and that is also seen in the image below, even though it does not show a complete panel.  The inking was also nicely done, though overall it does not look like Godwin’s inking, and you can see that the portrayal of Connie herself is very unlike Godwin’s.

12 29 40 Connie2

And Godwin’s name was completely gone from the strip.  As a matter of fact, though, I could believe that Godwin penciled the strip for December 29, 1940.  It is really pretty Godwin-like in some ways.  But the safest assumption appears to be that Godwin had nothing to do with it.

I explored a lot of the ins and outs of the final Connie Sunday strips (date-wise, and with regard to Godwin’s role) in my Connie blog.  The above discussion is quite a bit simplified.

—Tom Sawyer

November 22, 2013

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One Response to Probably one of the final “Connie” Sunday episodes: December 29, 1940 — and it was NOT by Frank Godwin!

  1. dennis wilcutt says:

    Any way you could post the last strips for us to read, like the ones in Dec and Jan? Did the story on those dates seem to end in a logical manner?

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