More on Frank Godwin’s “The Modern Woman” banking advertisement — also a little on “The Blue Fairy Book” . . .

In an earlier post, I briefly discussed a Charles Daniel Frey Company advertising campaign for which Frank Godwin produced art.  Frey was an advertising company, by which Godwin was employed around 1920, according to industry publications.  I pointed out the small version of the Godwin art as found in an advertisement promoting the campaign.

Below is shown more clearly a portion of the Godwin advertisement.  A part of this is currently used as the header for this blog:

bank ad 300 cropped

Here is a detail:

bank ad 300 croppeda

You might say, wow, that is really a “loose” drawing.  And, yes, it is.  But if you look closely, you see that not a single line is out of place, and clearly nothing about the composition was accidental or based on guesswork.

Godwin’s drawings for The Blue Fairy Book, which appeared at about the same time (1921), show that he was perfectly capable of drawing very tight, controlled illustrations at that time.  While one might prefer the tighter, more developed drawings, I think you can be pretty certain that the style shown was what the campaign required (whether by Godwin’s choice, or that of his employers, or of their client).

Below is a portion of an illustration from The Blue Fairy Book.  The illustrations there were in a wholly different style.

blue fairy book cropped2

—Tom Sawyer

November 9, 2013

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