A brief overview of Frank Godwin’s magazine illustration work (mainly the titles of many of the magazines for which he produced illustrations) . . .

This is a revised version of a post that I had up for approximately four months last year.  But I grew unhappy with it and took it down.  I decided to repost the following version.

To me, one of the fascinating things about Frank Godwin’s art is its diversity, and the wide range of publications in which it appeared.  In the present post, I hope to outline very briefly the scope of Godwin’s work in magazines.

Frank Godwin produced illustrations for a great many magazines, and it seems unlikely that anyone will be able to produce a complete list of those in the near future.  The ones he principally created illustrations for were Redbook, Colliers, and Liberty.

In my collection, I have many copies of those three magazines with illustrations by Godwin, and many other magazines as well with illustrations by him.  However, after collecting such magazines for a long time, it more or less dawned on me that there were so many of them “out there” that it was something of a Sisyphean task.  I may get back into it someday, though.  For example, I might try to complete a set of Redbook magazines that had illustrations by Godwin, and I might do the same with the Photoplay magazines that had his illustrations.  Those deem “doable.”  Collier’s seems like a never-ending task, and largely the same with Liberty, primarily because they were both weeklies.  But I don’t know — it is possible I will attempt something more comprehensive.

One magazine that has been mentioned as one to which Frank Godwin contributed was Cosmopolitan, but I have never seen or heard of any such illustrations–and I spent a lot of time (and money) looking.  (It is, of course, quite possible that advertisements with art by Godwin appeared in Cosmopolitan, but that would be something else all together.)

Beyond Redbook, Colliers, and Liberty, the magazines Godwin produced illustrations (one or more cover illustrations, interior illustration, or both) for include Photoplay, Smart Set, Life, The Farm JournalJudge, Leslie’s, The Ladies’ Home Journal, Hearst’s International, Radio Mirror, The Youth’s Companion, and The American Magazine.

A quick glance at Google Books shows that Godwin also produced illustrations for MetropolitanThe Green Book MagazineMunsey’s MagazineMcClure’s, and Country Life.

On the Hathi Trust Digital Library one finds that Godwin also produced illustrations for a periodical called U.S. Air Services.

Frank Godwin wrote and illustrated an article for Photoplay dealing largely with silent-screen star Anna Q. Nilsson.

Godwin’s second wife, Sylvia Godwin, wrote an article for Liberty regarding the couple’s dogs.  It was illustrated by Frank Godwin.

Obviously, I have done little more in this post than hit a few of the highlights! Nonetheless, the magazine titles listed in this post constitute a greater number than I have seen listed anywhere else regarding Godwin’s magazine illustrations.

—Tom Sawyer

February 14, 2012

(Published February 14, 2012, at 12:41 a.m.)

Revised November 9, 2013.

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