A paper doll, a pin-back button, jigsaw puzzles, and a pair of suspenders . . .

I suppose that in most fields of collecting there are unusual, off-the-beaten-path items that the collector may run across.  The field of Frank Godwin material is not an exception.  In this post, I’ll briefly list a few such items.  (I have examples in my collection.)

1.  A cardboard stand-up cut-out of the character Connie (like a paper doll).  That’s not run of the mill.  It was issued by the Evening Ledger.  The one I have is the only one I have ever heard of.

2.  A Connie pin-back button, part of a set representing various comic strips, issued by the Evening Ledger.  This is probably quite scarce, but I think I have heard of two or three others — and undoubtedly those are not the only ones in existence.

3.  A pair of Rusty Riley suspenders, designed for children.  I think I have seen two or three others, in addition to mine.

4.  A large poster showing a dramatic image Godwin created for Stetson, as part of a Stetson series directed against “loose talk” during World Ward II.  The poster states, “Loose Talk can cost Lives!”  And it says, “Keep it under your STETSON.”  By the way, this is the only World War II-era poster that I know of that Godwin created — and it was not for the government.  I think the poster is pretty scarce, and apt to be quite expensive if you find one.

5.  Frank Godwin Christmas cards.  I have maybe a half-dozen of these — but none that are not represented on Liz Rizzo’s “Frank Godwin, Artist” Facebook page.  These are black and white, and quite different from the Rusty Riley card that came in a set, with other comic-strip characters featured also.

6.  Rusty Riley “jigsaw puzzles” for children (by Built-Rite).  There are at least two of these.  I think they are pretty common.

—Tom Sawyer

November 8, 2013

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