Possibly the earliest Frank Godwin drawing in my collection . . .

About two years ago, I bought a nice pen-and-ink drawing by Frank Godwin on eBay.  Strangely (or so it seems to me), there was very little interest (like none) demonstrated by anyone else in the drawing, which was fine with me.  I think it is the earliest drawing by Godwin in my collection. I imagine it dates to the period 1912 or so, just as a guess.  The style is quite cartoony and also it just looks like it is from early in his journey of development as an artist.  For his later years, such art would be considered atypical.  So, it can be viewed as “like” some of his early work, even if it is somewhat later.

Detail from an early pen-and-ink drawing by Frank Godwin.

Detail from an early pen-and-ink drawing by Frank Godwin.

In examining a few of its features, I concluded that it might actually be somewhat later, though the signature looks kind of early.  The proportions of the man shown, and the expression on his face, show that the drawing is a caricature.  There are two people in the drawing — I’m showing part of one of them.

In some ways it is reminiscent of some of the drawings that Frank Godwin produced for Vignettes of Life, which he drew during the period 1924-1927 — though the Vignettes of Life consisted of multiple smaller drawings each week.  (Godwin did a similar feature for I believe Judge, and I think at least some of them date from the war years — 1914-1918.)

—Tom Sawyer

November 4, 2013

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