A primer on how to buy “Rusty Riley” daily original art: Part 7 — Conte (story) . . .

Note:  As I mentioned at the beginning of earlier posts in this series, I may be selling some of my original Rusty Riley art in the near future, probably starting within the next few months — maybe about fifteen daily strips and maybe about four Sunday strips.  Also, I may sell a few of my Frank Godwin paintings in the near future as well.  I suppose it was largely with that in mind that I decided to put together a little guide to purchasing Rusty Riley original art.

This post is Part 7.

In this post, I will continue to go through my “Six ‘Cs’ of Collecting Rusty Riley Original Art.”

5.  Conte (story)

One of the major elements in judging a work of daily original art for Frank Godwin’s Rusty Riley strip has to do with the story from which the art comes.  I think in one or more earlier posts, I indicated that I never really cared much exactly which story an item of strip art came from.  For example, I would not be bowled away by the fact that a strip comes from the “castle and raft” story, or from the “Leo and Madelyn” story, or the “Tiny Tom rescues Rusty” story (which is almost a separate story from the earlier part of the story), or the “theft of Patty’s locket” story.

However, if you know nothing about the story from which an item of art comes, it definitely impairs — to at least some slight degree — the enjoyment of the art.  So, if the art comes from a more-or-less well-known story, that is definitely a point in its favor.

Also, a lot of the strips that have changed hands seem to be from stories that (a) are not well known as to their precise details, and (b) don’t seem too interesting from looking at isolated examples.

I haven’t conducted a scientific study, but I suspect that there are many Rusty Riley daily comic-strip stories as to which zero examples of original art are known.  If one had a particularly nice example from such a story, then maybe the fact that the story is not well-known might become a positive point!

In general, the story can make a difference, but usually a nice piece of art will hold up on its own.

—Tom Sawyer

November 2, 2013

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One Response to A primer on how to buy “Rusty Riley” daily original art: Part 7 — Conte (story) . . .

  1. Dennis Wilcutt says:

    I hope you let us know when you will sell some Frank Godwin artwork. I don’t have anything original of his work. I just one piece, either a daily or Sunday. Thanks.

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