What about the year 1948 for the “Rusty Riley” daily comic-strip (original art)?

In the previous post, I talked about the huge number (relatively) of known examples of 1955 and 1956 original Rusty Riley daily art, when compared to other years.  Again, there are various defects in my figures, but for my present purposes, I think the figures are close enough.

Another thing I have looked into is the known number of early Rusty Riley daily art — and in this post I will talk about 1948.

I will be talking about the “absolute” number of known pieces, instead of the “relative” number.  So, this little survey involved not only the Heritage Auctions site and the Comic Art Fans site, but also my own collection, and other research.  (I generally indicated the sources of the information.  “HA” means Heritage Auctions.  “WP” means WorthPoint.)

February 6, 1948 (WP)

February 13, 1948 (HA)

March 4, 1948 (my collection)

March 23, 1948 (Library of Congress)

April 14, 1948 (HA)

July 30, 1948 (WP)

The Michigan State University libraries deserve special mention here, because if I read their catalog correctly, they have the following 1948 art:

October 12, 1948

October 14, 1948

October 26, 1948

November 2, 1948

November 15, 1948

November 17, 1948

November 27, 1948 (Comic Art Fans website)

December 10, 1948 (liveauctioneers website)

There were about 293 or so daily Rusty Riley strips for 1948.  Above I have accounted for about 14.  All things considered, that’s not bad.

Different people might interpret this in different ways.  The way I see it, it helps confirm my thesis that value was placed on Rusty Riley art from the very beginning.  I don’t think it is chance that the foregoing strips were preserved, and it is almost unthinkable that the first 30 strips (which were numbered, rather than dated), which represent much of the very finest art in the strip, would not have been preserved originally, though many may have been lost along the way, through accident or ignorance or other cause.

I think it is highly likely that other 1948 daily Rusty Riley art exists.  It is quite possible that a substantial quantity exists — for instance, somebody may be “sitting” on a stack of them.

—Tom Sawyer

October 24, 2013

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One Response to What about the year 1948 for the “Rusty Riley” daily comic-strip (original art)?

  1. Joel Sloane says:

    Tom, you can add November 26 (in my collection). Joel

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