Amazing facts regarding 1955 and 1956, for Frank Godwin’s original art for “Rusty Riley” daily comic strips . . .

Very recently (but this post may be slightly out of date), I undertook another informal study relating to existing original Rusty Riley daily art for the twelve years during which the daily strip was published.

This survey was done somewhat quickly, and for various reasons, the figures stated may not be precisely accurate, but they are close enough.  I focussed on art posted by collectors on the Comic Art Fans site, and on art auctioned by Heritage Auctions.  This was kind of a “re-do” of a similar study I did in February 2012.  At that time, I concluded that the vast majority of Rusty Riley daily original art known to exist comes from 1955 and 1956.

Almost as though to prove this, out of the 36 most recent auctions of Rusty Riley daily art by Heritage Auctions, 34 of them were from 1955 or 1956!  (This includes auctions ending August 18, 2013, or later — in other words, we are talking very, very recent auctions, and auctions that have not ended yet.)

Of the 115 (or so–this is just an estimate) daily Rusty Riley strips (original art) easily findable on the Heritage Auctions site, approximately speaking . . . over 90 were from 1955 or 1956.

The year 1956 alone was represented by about the same number of strips as the other eleven years combined!

The results of an examination of the Comic Art Fans website are similar, though not as extreme.  For 1955 and 1956 combined, there were nearly four times the number of strips as for the other ten years combined.

Just to repeat myself–this post deals only with original daily art.

—Tom Sawyer

October 24, 2013

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