One of Frank Godwin’s finest illustrations . . .

Frank Godwin produced many illustrations for Photoplay, over a long span of time.  The Media History Digital Library contains (among other things) scans of many volumes of that periodical.  I’m not certain, but it is possible that Godwin’s first illustrations for Photoplay appeared in the July 1922 issue.  In that issue began the serialization of Samuel Merwin’s Hattie of Hollywood, illustrated by Godwin.  A number of the illustrations were outstanding, and it may be that Godwin was pulling out all the stops in order to demonstrate to Photoplay his proficiency.

Below is one of Godwin’s finest illustrations.  It appeared in the Hattie of Hollywood serialization, in the September 1922 issue of Photoplay.  This is from the scans on the Media History Digital Library website — actually from a page linked-to on the Media History Digital Library site.  Here is a link:  Link.

Here is the illustration.  I have adjusted it somewhat:

From "Hattie of Hollywood"

I may discuss this illustration further in the future.  It seems reminiscent of some works of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Sometimes I like to ponder the anatomy of the people portrayed in Godwin’s illustrations and comic strips.   Occasionally Godwin sacrifices anatomical precision in order to establish his composition — and nobody was better at composition than Godwin.

—Tom Sawyer

October 21, 2013

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