This blog is currently my primary blog about Frank Godwin . . .

I have now made my old Connie blog “private” (basically, unviewable), at least for the time being.  In the past four weeks, there were fifteen days with zero visitors — including one stretch of nine days with no visitors.  So, from the standpoint of visits, the Connie blog has not been a resounding success recently.

For various reasons, I hope to place my main emphasis on this blog (as opposed to other Frank Godwin blogs I have had), at least for a while.  (I had made almost all of the posts private on this blog, and I had been trying to send people to the Connie blog.)

Now I am going through basically all the posts on this blog, of which there were more than two hundred, and trying to “republish” mainly the ones dealing with Rusty Riley.  This will probably take me days, or possibly weeks, but during that time, the number of viewable posts should climb significantly.

For the time being, the primary focus of this blog will probably be Frank Godwin’s Rusty Riley comic strip.

–Tom Sawyer

October 13, 2013

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