Another quiz about Frank Godwin’s “Rusty Riley” comic strip . . .

As with the other quizzes on this blog, the quiz is just for fun.  There are no prizes.  I will probably post the answers in the near future.

1.  True or false:  The March 4, 1948, Rusty Riley daily strip bore a number, but no date.

2.  True or false:  In the first frame of the first Rusty Riley strip, the first words spoken by Rusty are:  “Gee whiz!”

3.  True or false:  On the third day of the strip, Mr. Miles has a horse saddled, and the horse’s name was Jetstream.

4.  True or false:  Rusty Riley’s “real” first name was Russell.

5.  Patty first appears in the episode of what number?

6.  What is the name of the horse Patty is riding when she first appears?

7.  True or false:  A groom refers to Patty once as “Miss Pat.”

8.  True or false:  In the first major story, Patty falls off her horse, and Rusty helps her up.

9.  True or false:  In a 1953 story, a rattlesnake makes Patty’s horse rear, but she does not fall.

10.  True or false:  In a 1954 story, Patty and Rusty take an IQ test, and they both receive the same score.

11.  True or false:  The Rusty Riley strip was based loosely on a short story entitled  “Ryan’s Bluff,” which was published in Liberty in 1946.

12.  True or false:  In the first ten strips, Rusty says “Golly” a total of how many times?

13.  True or false:  In late 1957, when Godwin was ill, a 36-episode story from 1952 was rerun.

14.  True or false:  In one episode, Rusty calls Flip by the name “Pip.”

15. True or false:  In a 1948 story, Rusty inherits $1,000, but he turns it over to Miss Walker.

—Tom Sawyer

May 4, 2012

(About 275 words.)

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