Comments on evaluating “Rusty Riley” daily original art: Characters . . .

This is more or less a continuation of my discussion of the evaluation of daily Rusty Riley original art.  In the present post, I will talk a little about characters.  That topic involves highly subjective considerations.  Yes, it is nice if Rusty is portrayed the art — after all, he is the title character.  But personally, I don’t think the presence or absence of Rusty is highly significant. If Patty is galloping on a horse, that is probably going to be better than Rusty saying a few words to Tex.

To me, a great strip is usually going to have two or three major characters, but to me it doesn’t matter too much who they are.  On the other hand, I have a few that don’t have any of the major characters, but I like them a great deal in spite of that. I guess that if you are only going to obtain original art for one or two Rusty Riley strips, though, you are going to want the art to include Rusty.

As I have mentioned before, to my mind, the main characters, in order of their importance to the strip, are Rusty, Patty, Mr. Miles, Tex, Buck, and Helen.  I don’t think I have any daily art showing Helen, and offhand I am not sure whether she ever appeared in the daily strip. (Helen appeared in a lot of the Sunday Rusty Riley comic strips.)

—Tom Sawyer

April 24, 2012

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