A few more comments on Zip-A-Tone and the “Rusty Riley” daily comic strip . . .

The earliest example of Frank Godwin’s Rusty Riley art in my collection is the March 3, 1948, example.  Since the strip started on January 26, 1948, the March 3 strip is quite an early one.  The strip has three frames.  The first has significant areas of blue wash — but no Zip-A-Tone or the like, and virtually nothing that would be considered evidence that anything had ever been applied there.  (A small paste-on (of Rusty’s head) is missing, and the original drawing of his head is covered with a glue stain.)

In comparing the original art to an example of the strip for that date as published, in is pretty obvious the dot pattern does not cover all of the blue-wash areas exactly as on the original art.  My conclusion is that the pattern was added in the course of the engraving process, without the need for dots to be applied to the art.  This was discussed in the preceding post.

—Tom Sawyer

April 20, 2012

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