My 100th post on this blog! This post will speak of the original art for a “Rusty Riley” daily strip (by Frank Godwin) which appeared 57 years ago today, on March 28, 1955! And this 100th post will also speak a little about the seven daily strips which followed!

Welcome to the 100th post on this blog. (That quantity includes a small number — maybe eight or so — that I moved over to this blog from my abortive Connie Kurridge blog.)

In the preceding post, I referred to a “great, dramatic sequence” of pieces of original art for Rusty Riley.  To me, those words fit.  But possibly better words are “heart-rending,” “distressing,” and “tragic.”

The strips are listed below:

Monday, March 28, 1955

Tuesday, March 29, 1955

Wednesday, March 30, 1955

Thursday, March 31, 1955

Friday, April 1, 1955

Saturday, April 2, 1955

(Sunday — no daily strip.)

Monday, April 4, 1955

Tuesday, April 5, 1955

The opening strip of the sequence — the one that appeared 57 years ago today — shows Patty in the Junior Miss Department of a department store.  Rusty needs to take Flip outside. Two men plan to steal Patty’s purse from her as she shops innocently.

It is really a great sequence.  I believe that I purchased all eight of the strips (original art) from Bruce Bergstrom, of Florida, in the course of at least three separate transactions.  The art for April 2, 1955, includes a close-up of Patty’s face, which is undoubtedly one of the best in the entire twelve-year run of the Rusty Riley strip.  That one was offered by Bruce on eBay and is one of my very favorite pieces of Frank Godwin art.

—Tom Sawyer

March 28, 2012

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