An extremely difficult quiz relating to Frank Godwin’s “Connie” comic strip . . .

Note:  Some of you are undoubtedly unaware that this blog formerly dealt with the Connie comic strip as well as Rusty Riley. It also formerly dealt much more with other work by Frank Godwin. At some point, though, I decided to focus the blog more on Rusty Riley, for the time being, and I took down a huge number of posts. Whether I will repost many of the others or not, I am not sure. (I do have certain exciting (to me, anyway) Frank Godwin-related plans that I might outline in the near future.)

Anyway, about three years ago, I posted the following quiz — I gather that I took it down in January 2013, so even those of you who have seen it have probably forgotten all about it. As I mention below:  “As before, this quiz is just for fun. There are no prizes. (Do not send me your answers.)” I intend to post the answers in the not-too-distant future.

By the way, I just went through the quiz.  There were about five questions that I myself would have had to guess on. Some of the questions I really made far out, so I knew those answers, because they were sort of memorable — I hope that is not too much of a clue! (I placed the ones I am not pretty sure of in boldface.) I do have the answers available to me, of course. (If I am 90 percent sure of my answer, I did not place the question in boldface.)

One or two questions might be “trick questions.” Also, a number of questions deal with the final Sunday-story — turns out there was a more recent story, and that may man different answers!

The questions below range in difficulty from quite easy to nearly impossible.  But overall, the quiz is extremely difficult.

As before, this quiz is just for fun.  There are no prizes. (Do not send me your answers.)

1.  What was the year of the first Connie science-fiction Sunday strip?

2.  What was the year of the Sunday strip in which Connie found herself in the year 2936?

3.  What animal was responsible for Connie being sent to the year 2936?

4.  How many episodes comprised that adventure? (a) 12, (b) 18, (c) 31, or (d) 48.

5.  True or false:  In the final Connie Sunday strip, Connie loses her life in an effort to save someone else’s life.

6.  True or false:  Connie’s full name is Constance Courage.

7.  True or false:  Prior to the “2936” story, there was at least one Connie Sunday strip which appeared to be science fiction, until the last frame.

8.  Does the Connie Sunday strip ever indicate Connie’s age?

9.  Where (what country) did the Connie final “Sunday” story take place?  (I am not positive that it was published in the US, so I am basing the question on the Paulette Saturday pages.) (Note: I knew the best answer at the time, but my information is more complete now — but I would have to review the information.)

10.  At what time-period was the main action set in that final Sunday story?

11.  True or false:  That final Sunday story lasted more Sundays than any of the previous Sunday stories. (Not sure anyone can answer this question any more.) 

12.  True or false:  In a Sunday story published in early 1939, Connie travels to the year 1949 and meets Rusty Riley and Patty Miles.

13.  What were the titles of the bottom-strips that accompanied the Connie Sunday strip?

14.  True or false:  For the first three years (or so) of the Sunday Connie page, Connie had black hair.

15.  True or false:  In the Sunday Connie episode immediately preceding the “2936” story, Jack asks Connie to marry him.

16.  True or false:  The Connie Sunday strip never appeared in a half-page format.

17.  True or false:  The Connie Sunday strip never appeared in a tabloid format.

18.  True or false:  The Public Ledger never published Connie in half-page format.

19.  True or false:  The Public Ledger never published Connie in a tabloid format.

(Note:  I THINK I would give the correct answers to the preceding questions, but I would not know for certain.)

20.  True or false:  The Famous Funnies reprints of Connie always carried the entire Sunday Connie page, but simply in reduced size, with no other changes.

21.  True or false:  The Famous Funnies reprints of Connie always differed from the Sunday page in just one respect:  The wording in the speech balloons was re-lettered.

22.  True or false:  Connie never actually risks her life, in the course of the Sunday stories.

23.  True or false:  In at least one very early Sunday strip, Connie is portrayed as extremely wealthy.

24.  True or false:  In at least one later Sunday strip, Connie is portrayed as having relatively little money.

25.  True or false:  Connie’s father appears in many of the Sunday Connie strips.

26.  True or false:  Connie’s mother never appeared in any of the Connie Sunday strips.

27.  True or false:  Connie never learned how to drive a car.

28.  True or false:  In the second Connie Sunday adventure, Connie and Dr. Chrono travel to a parallel universe, where Dr. Chrono works with his “double” to save Connie.

That’s the quiz!  I’ll probably post one set of possible answers in the near future.

—Tom Sawyer

March 28, 2012

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