Answers to the second “Rusty Riley” quiz . . . DON’T READ THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THE SECOND QUIZ, FOUND IN A MARCH 13, 2012, POST!

Read this!  If you want to test your Rusty Riley knowledge without reference to any answers, go to the second quiz (from March 13, 2012) before reading this post.

This post repeats the questions from the second quiz, but it includes answers. Note:  Other answers might be correct as well, at least in certain cases.

1.  What was the name of the person in charge of the orphanage where Rusty lived at the beginning of the strip?

Answer:  Miss Walker.

2.  What was the name of the orphanage?

Answer: Cliffside Orphans Home.

3.  Why was Rusty so upset when he saw Junior riding Big Blaze?

Answer:  Junior was using spurs with rowels.

4.  True or false:  Junior was Rusty’s best friend.

Answer:  False.

5.  What was the name of the farm owned by Mr. Miles?

Answer: Milestone Farm.

6.  True or false:  Rusty aged one year for each year of the strip.

Answer:  False.  If he had aged that quickly, he might have been about twenty-six years old at the end of the strip.

7.  True or false:  Patty’s appearance changed several times in the course of the strip.

Answer:  True!

8.  True or false:  When Patty’s purse was stolen, Patty was upset because all of her money was in the purse.

Answer:  That is false, and I quote:

It’s not the m-money I care about —

9.  True or false:  In the final story, Rusty pilots a spaceship to the moon, where he meets Connie.

Answer:  False.

10.  What was the name of Rusty’s dog?

Answer:  Flip.

11.  What was Mr. Purdy’s nickname?

Answer:  Tex.

12.  True or false:  Even though the Rusty Riley comic strip involves horses, the strip never shows a veterinarian.

Answer:  False.

13.  True or false:  The last story in the Rusty Riley daily strip was interrupted in mid-story.

Answer:  False.

14.  True or false:  The Rusty Riley strip stopped appearing about a month before Frank Godwin died.

Answer:  False.  Both the daily strip and the Sunday strip continued to appear for weeks after Godwin died.

15.  Which strip ended first:  the daily strip, or the Sunday strip?

Answer:  The daily strip.

16.  True or false:  There were at least five Rusty Riley comic books published in Australia.

Answer:  True.  According to a website on Australian reprint comics, there were (at least) eight Rusty Riley comic books in Australia: three in 1955 and five about a decade later.

17.  True or false:  Rusty Riley appeared in halves and thirds, but never in tabloid format.

Answer:  False.  It appeared in all three formats.  I’m not sure whether the tabloid format appeared during the entire run.

18.  True or false:  Patty Miles did not know how to ride a horse.

Answer:  False.

19.  True or false:  All of the original art for the Sunday Rusty Riley strip was the same size.

Answer:  False.  There were at least three different sizes.

20.  True or false:  There were at least four Rusty Riley comic books published in the United States.

Answer:  True.

—Tom Sawyer

March 17, 2012

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