A very difficult quiz about Frank Godwin’s comic strip “Rusty Riley” . . .

This quiz is designed to be rather difficult overall.  I am not sure whether I will state the answers.  Some of the questions are easy.  Most are not easy at all!  There are no prizes.  Do not send me your answers.  The quiz is just a fun exercise.

Although the questions are difficult, I don’t think any of them can be considered “trick questions”:

1.  What is the date on the final daily Rusty Riley strip distributed by King Features Syndicate?

2.  What is Buck’s full nickname?

3.  What is Rusty Riley’s “real” first name?

4.  Does the strip reveal which state the first installment takes place in?  If so, what state is it?

5.  Is Helen related to any of the other characters?  If so, in what way?

6.  What is the date of the final Sunday Rusty Riley strip?

7.  If you had to state an age for Rusty Riley, what would it be?

8.  What is the name of Rusty’s dog?

9.  What is Patty’s father’s first name?

10.  Where did Mr. Purdy meet Mr. Miles?

11.  Is Buck related to any of the other characters?  If so, in what way?

12.  True or false:  Rusty was sad to leave the orphanage, and he liked Miss Walker quite a bit.

13.  True or false:  Patty never met her mother.

14.  True or false:  Rusty won the Plughorse Derby.

I have concocted this quiz without referring to anything whatsoever.  I am reasonably sure I know the answers to all of the questions, but if I had to prove my answers, it might take me a long time to find the answers!

—Tom Sawyer

February 21, 2012

Slightly revised, March 2, 2012


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