Comments on the existence of original art for the “Rusty Riley” daily comic strip . . .

Based on an informal investigation I have recently conducted, it appears that the existence of Rusty Riley daily original art is not at all evenly distributed among the twelve years that the strip appeared (namely, 1948 through 1959).  In fact, it is my feeling that the existing original daily strips (original art) for the years 1955 and 1956 combined outnumber by far the pieces of original art (for the daily Rusty Riley strips) that exist for the other ten years combined.  From what I have seen, the numbers are so lopsided that it is almost axiomatic that the vast majority of the existing original art for Rusty Riley daily strips comes from those two years.

I tend to doubt that the figures are so unbalanced for the Sunday strips.  I hope to conduct a little investigation relating to the Sunday strip art.

—Tom Sawyer

February 26, 2012

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