Comments on “Rusty Riley” Sunday art . . .

Well, I just did a super-informal and probably somewhat inaccurate investigation relating to Sunday Rusty Riley original art.  Of course, there were originally six times as many dailies as Sundays.  I was working from a very small sample size.

For the years 1948 through 1954, I noted about Sunday 12 strips (original art) in total. I noted no strips for 1949, 1952, and 1954.

For the years 1955 through 1959, I noted about 31 Sunday strips (original art) in total, at least one for each year (10 for 1957 alone).

In summary:

For 1948 through 1954 (6.5 years of the Sunday strip):  12 examples.

For 1955 through 1959 (5 years of the Sunday strip):  31 examples.

The only real (but still somewhat tentative) conclusion I reached was that the strip (original art) tends to be more common during the later years.

—Tom Sawyer

February 26, 2010

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